"Having seen this show in London, New York, Chicago and now Mountsorrel, I can honestly say it truly exceeded expectations. The set design, lighting, sound, orchestra and Audrey 2 herself were exceptional. Not to mention that talent on stage. Bravo all round. That should go on tour!"

Public Opinion for Little Shop of Horrors

Blown away by how good it was! Excellent set design, great musical score, brilliant costumes and of course the young people who were so talented and professional throughout. very enjoyable evening. you should all be very proud of yourselves

Public Opinion for Little Shop of Horrors

My daughter joined Swing about a year ago now with the hope she would get to improve her singing and acting and boy has she done that. she is challenged but supported and the team have helped her grow. She loves it! i have just seen Little Shop of Horrors and was blown away with the level of professionalism from a youth theatre group!

Parent of a cast member

Youth Theatre is the beating heart of our entertainment world, pumping out fresh talent that births a network of artists who beam with confidence, ideas

and spark individuality both on and off stage.

It must not be overlooked as a simple hobby, we must consider Youth Theatre as the bedrock of society, a place where young performers can confidently explore their personality and identity through a safe and acceptable practice of Performing Arts. 


Swing Theatre are committed to actively supporting this and strive to challenge social norms whilst at all times carefully considering the suitability of our chosen material.



The vision for Swing is simple...

  • Proudly support gender identity throughout our castings and future work

  • To become the go-to youth company that creates a strong network of incredible young artists who are passionate about helping each other grow as individuals and performers

  • Give consistent professionalism both on stage and off

  • Ensure an equal support, guidance and development structure for all our performers

Our promise, is to swing into action ensuring an all inclusive stage for growth and entertaining while crucially, having plenty of fun!

Tell me more, tell me more!

Liam Patrick

Artistic Director