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AGES 10-18



sessions held at 

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Joe Bloggs, Swingville, 2021

"blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

Joe Bloggs, Swingville, 2021

Becoming the best!

Welcome to Swing Theatre.

We are a Theatre Company offering a professional practice of Youth Theatre and delivering memorable events such as concerts, dance shows, variety performances and much more.

We have a vision that insists upon incredible production value throughout our work and aspires to become the 'go-to' youth company in Leicestershire.


When you join

We are not a stage school, however, you will still receive acting and singing techniques to enhance your performance and character credibility on stage. 


Your dancing resilience and technique will be reinforced enabling you to look sharp, slick and stand out!

(Even if it's not your strongest suit!) 

You will be lead by a team with extensive experience in all 3 disciplines (Singing, Acting and Dancing) providing all the guidance and support you need to enable you to master the craft of Musical Theatre.

For the  fee outlined  you will receive a professional experience of performing in Youth Musical Theatre productions, Plays as well as Dance showcases and live Concerts.  

We're certainly not looking to cast the finished product, but we are rigorous with our auditions and casting, to maintain our desired standard.


















The Nitty Gritty

Your annual fee is split into 4 equal instalments of £132.00 and a billing schedule is provided when to make your payments.

breaks are added into this process to meet academic school holidays.

We operate twice a week Tuesday & Thursday (19:15 - 21:15) at Rawlins Academy, Quorn, Loughborough in their stunning Dance Studio facilities. This is so our craft training can be delivered where we will investigate why the characters are in a scene and their purpose, explore  what their body language means and why they spontaneously burst into song! (This all helps improve your ability as a performer)

You will get to experience 2 Musical Theatre productions a year... are you ready for the lead?!


What's professional about it? 

Swing Theatre ensure that all our production teams have relevant and recognised qualifications and experience which enable them to deliver industry standard knowledge and quality. 


At Swing Theatre, we teach you how to understand a character and their impact on the show through the spoken word, non verbal communication, prop, costumes, song and dance.  

The final production will be held at a professional theatre equipped with industry standard dressing rooms, lighting, set, orchestra pit and much more!

We will build a professional rapport with you like no other, giving you that confidence to become the artist you've always dreamed of.


With close contacts at Curve, The Little Theatre, Nottingham Theatre Royal and even local groups invited to our performances, you will raise your profile as a performer helping you stand out to Casting Directors.


All our team are all DBS checked and follow a strict Child Protection Policy - which can be found on this page

We're proud to be different!


Swing Captain's


We're very keen for you to get more involved, so once a year we assign two captain roles. Show Captain and a Social Captain to support the Swing Creative Team.






We believe this

  • Ignites your passion and excitement 

  • Gives you a voice 

  • Sets challenges and builds growth

  • Retains interest 

  • sets an example 

  • and keeps us fresh! 



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Child Protection Policy 2022